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Updated: Jul 3, 2010
Created: Jun 30, 2010

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Rockumentary v0.09

Rockumentary is a small map, with a long rush distance, and a dynamic nature due to destructible rocks that once destroyed drastically alter the flow of the map.

The main is located close to the opponents main distance wise, but a set of 2 destructible rocks blocks the front doors of the bases. The intention of this is to make the main very easily defensible during the early game, but it becomes more vulnerable at the match progresses.

The natural is located next to the main, and is very close and also easily defended due to being located on high ground. The only entrances to the nat are through the main, or by breaking a set of destructible rocks on the front of the nat. This makes it very safe for early expansion, but becomes more vulnerable mid game.

There are high yield mineral patches near the center of the map, but they are very risky to mine. The gold expos are on low ground, and directly next to the main flow of unit traffic on the map. There is also not much of a choke blocking entrance, and plenty of open cliff space around the gold expo.

The 3rd and 4th bases are located in the NE and SW corners of the map. They offer a safe place to rebuild if your main is overrun, but are located relatively far from the main, so mining from 3+ bases can open up vulnerabilities. They are a relatively defensible position if you are put in a place you need to rebuild, or plan to build a 3rd base.

2 Xel'Naga Watchtowers cover the main paths along the edge of the maps. Controlling these is very important for early detection of a flanking ground force, or protecting expansions. Their range of vision can detect units moving into the center area, but does not cover the center of the map itself. They also barely peek into the Gold expo, and the geyser closest to the tower is visible with control of the tower.

The map is completely symmetrical, and is intended for competitive play.


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