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Room Wars

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Total Downloads: 544
Updated: Jan 13, 2011
Created: Dec 5, 2010

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Welcome to Room Wars!

Map Status:

Last I saw it was on the 2nd page, although it does fluctuate consistently. If you like the map invite friends and keep playing it 🙂

Latest updates:

  • Starting Bunker has more health and armor. (Noobs were getting owned way too fast in a matter of seconds).
  • Increased rooms you need to gain to win from 11 to 12.
  • You now gain bounty for killing units and destroying structures.
  • You can now call in reinforcements and build defensive structures using up your minerals.
  • The center room now spawns a Thor instead of the upgrade center. You can only ever have 1 Thor at a time thou.
  • Fixed a bug with built bunkers leaving models behind on death.
  • Improved many parts of the terrain aesthetically.

How to play?

  • You start with 1 room and 4 Marines.
  • Claim others rooms by killing any enemy units inside and walking over the center.
  • The more rooms you have under your control the more unit's will spawn for you.
  • The first player to own 12 rooms wins the game!


  • Intense constant small battles across rooms across the map.
  • Tactical maneuvering advancing/retreating as you try to claim more and more.
  • A chance to always come back no matter how bad your doing.


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