StarCraft 2 RPQM: The Redstone Rumble 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod RPQM: The Redstone Rumble

RPQM: The Redstone Rumble

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Total Downloads: 382
Updated: Dec 14, 2014
Created: Dec 14, 2014

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Redstone Rumble V0.1b beta 932.62 KB Dec 14, 2014 - 382 download RPQM: The Redstone Rumble Redstone Rumble V0.1b betaDownload



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A Robustprogram Quick Map

The Redstone Rumble

Days created in: 2 Days

What is this map

This is a quick campaign made in a short amount of time for you to enjoy and for me to get into the Galaxy Editor once again. The story is able a group of miners mining from the planet Redstone, but are hit with the issue of the lava surges. In response, the General sent a survey team to relay data about the lava surges to predict them, thus helping the situation of the miners.

However, the survey team lost communication with the miners which lead to the miners sending in a retrieval team, this is where you come ….

Developer Notes

  • The mission is approximately 1 hour long
  • This mission was only play tested by the developer (me 🙁 ), meaning there WILL be bugs. Please report these bugs as soon as possible so I am able to fix this when I have time
  • Any suggestions or constructive criticism will be appreciated and I will try my best into polishing up the mission
  • There will be balancing issues because I am complete ass when it comes to Sc2, so please tell me if this mission is too hard or easy.

How To Play

Open the map up in the Sc2 Editor and play it from there.


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