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starcraft 2 mod Rule of the Dollar 2342

Rule of the Dollar 2342

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Updated: Mar 13, 2016
Created: Mar 13, 2016

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Rule of the Dollar 2342 is a space based diplomacy based on the brood war strategy game of the same name.

Rule of the Dollar (ROTD) is focused on the player driven conflict between the Imperator (a large centralized faction) and five subservient corporations of Earth (COEs). The COEs are plotting to revolt against the Imperator in the midst of alien expansion into human space. Because the aliens can enslave the COE players, the Imperator cannot simply let them be destroyed. This scenario leads to a wide ranging number of scenarios as players scramble for territory in effort to be dominant enough to take Earth from the Imperator.

With 12 separate planets and a space map where travel between the planets occurs players most manage troops on multiple planets for victory. Victory on the planet can be all for naught if your army is blockaded from leaving. A faction sticking to the fringes of space can make a late game surge to destroy expecting rivals.

Unlike many strategy games the end game for this scenario is always the climax of the game. Whether COEs are surprise attacking Earth, or the Imperator is settling in for a siege to hold his palace until the end game timer starts there is always an exciting end to every game.

Apart from the machinations of the human factions there are also two dynamic alien races.

The Remnant, a high tech dystopian regime, is a dying race with incredible power. A full Remnant fleet and army will humble most opponents, but the price and build time for their units means any massive loss can be devastating to your chances of winning. With the ability to warp your troops between planets with expensive warp cores, your ability to manage your forces is unparalleled. But the nuances of combined space and ground combat across multiple planets leads plenty of room for blunders .

The Zyntorni, a powerful hive mind based race that excel at swarming enemy troops on the ground and air. Your numbers are without end, and should you infest a planet with a warp worm conduit, few factions will be able to match the might of your swarm. In space your forces will often lose against other navies until you can marshal massive numbers or begin producing Gargantuans , so you will be forced to rely on your variety units and abilities to sneak past enemy forces and defenses to infest a safe space on a planet an unleash the swarm. You gain new units with every planet taken, becoming more deadly and specialized as you march across the galaxy.


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