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Run Viking Run

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Updated: Jun 18, 2011
Created: Nov 17, 2010

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This map is only available in Europe!

I launched my first custom map, Run Viking Run . It is a remake of the famous Run Kitty Run map from WC3. You can find my map at Create Game > Search: RunVikingRun or look through the join game section. It is probably between page 5-15


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Run, with your lost viking and fellow lost vikings, to the safety of the viking camp. However, don't touch the banelings on your way, they will explode and kill you. While you are running to the camp, you can stop sometime to save one of your fellow vikings 🙂


  • The Good Old Run Kitty Run Feeling (I hope, feedback is welcome!)
  • Vikings are heroes, with inventory and abilities.
  • When a fellow lost viking dies, he leaves a circle of rescue. Run over it to save him and get
    as reward minerals and experience.
  • Banelings are scary!


  • Afterburner
    • Main (Free):
    • Upgrade 1 (225 Min.):
    • Upgrade 2 (225 Min.):
    • Upgrade 3 (225 Min.):
  • Boomer
    • Main (300 Min.):
    • Upgrade 1:
    • Upgrade 2:
    • Upgrade 3:
  • Baneling Disturber
    • Main (500 Min.):
    • Upgrade 1 (225 Min.):
    • Upgrade 2 (225 Min.):
    • Upgrade 3 (225 Min.):
  • Teleporter
    • Main (500 Min.):


Item Price Effect
Speed Charm 200 Speed boost
Boost Charm 500 2x Speed Charm Boost
Energy Harvester 475 Incease Energy per savezone by 1
Mineral Harvester 425 2 Minerals per 6 Seconds extra
Torch 400 Increases Sight Radius


  • Cascada – Everytime We Touch
  • Axxis – Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye
  • Linkin Park – Numb
  • NERD ALERT – Banelings
  • Hey Monday – Run, Don't Walk


A trailer or official video has still to be made, but here is a fan video 😀


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