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Total Downloads: 1,012
Updated: Jul 18, 2016
Created: Aug 18, 2011

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SC Expanded HotS 07-18-2016 beta 18.88 MB Jul 18, 2016 - 1,012 download SC EXPANDED SC Expanded HotS 07-18-2016 betaDownload



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SC Expanded adds variety to the standard melee maps. Players can affiliate to a faction (or brood, tribe), unlocking exclusive units, structures and abilities. It uses many units and abilities seen in SC2 campaigns, but many more were created for this mod. Many "useless" units got a new role and are available for players.

Updated here on 07-18-2016

You can learn more about Terran, Zerg, and Protoss gameplay.

Join the official thread to report bugs and post your suggestions. We are constantly trying to improve our gameplay. There is also an SC Expanded group on Battlenet where you can find players.

This extension mod is available in the "Custom Games" section of and is published on NA, EU and KR servers. Search for 'expanded' when browsing for extension mods and have fun.

Selecting a Terran faction:
terran factions

WARNING: This mod requires the Left 2 Die mod as a dependency, which means that if you test it offline you may experience some errors if you don't have the mod in your Starcraft mods folder. Extract all the mods to your mods folder and test them using the map included.


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