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SC2 Localizing

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Updated: May 3, 2013
Created: Apr 27, 2013

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I thought about the problems with localizing a new version of a Map or Mod, because the SC2Editor have no option to do this automatically and it seemed to me that to do these will be a waste of time. Therefore I began to write a small tool to help map developers in this fact.

If you have an idea or a comment, just send me an PM or post something. I will be happy about it.

I'm also happy if you test it, or give me a hint what is missing in the program.


localize a file

  • preview and replace localized files per drag and drop (images, audio, video)
  • automatic convertion to destination codec
  • renaming ingame strings more easier than in SC2Editor (linefeeds and multiple spaces are snipped automatically)
  • sort the GameStrings.txt by occurrence in the Trigger file

re-localize a file

Problem: you have localized a file. Now a new version of the file is out and you have to do it again.

  • automatically copy localized files/strings from the old to the new version
  • manually check for new, converted, moved or discarded files to rematch them
  • for rematching also previews are available

Possible problem: you have to do this for many languages.

  • therefore a MatchLog will be created to log all your manually moved and converted files, to do this for the other runs also automatically


  • after you installed VLC you can recheck to the path without restarting the program
  • you can select nightly builds for autoupdates
  • you can change the default settings for the convertion dialog and can choose the option to use them anyway without a request


  • if an error occurs, you can send them with a note to me w/o using any mail-client (uses http:post)

What you have to pay attention for

  • The Map/Mod you want to (re)localize has to be in a SC2.subfolder (e.g. /Maps). It's important, that MPQEditor can access the file.

What you need

  • SC2 installed
  • .Net 4 Framework
  • (optional) VLC for viewing videos in the form, else the program open the standard player
  • the tool: SC2-translate (updates automatically to actual release)
  • (you can get the source under: , I'm using EasyMercurial)

KNOWN glitches



look here

special thanks

goes to the developer of the libs irrKlang and FreeImage, further more to the developer of the MPQEditor and ffmpeg


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