StarCraft 2 Seismic Battle ! 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Seismic Battle !

Seismic Battle !

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Updated: Oct 26, 2011
Created: Aug 22, 2011

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Seismic Battle !

Gameplay on : Seismic Gameplay

(1-3) vs (1-3)


KeyWord " seismic "

Use channel "seismic " to find other player

Its a "Tug of War"

Defeat your opponent ! Kill base ennemy for victory.

Lava up each 2min and burn all ground creatures in map center, so be careful !

With Tychus you can cast spell, buy Heroes and upgrade mineral/gas limit.

You can buy Zerg Protoss and Terran unit



  • Walk on green (for team1) Accelerator or purple (for team2) and unit gain x2 speed for 2s
  • Walk on red Accelerator in map center and unit gain x2 speed for 2s and x2 damage for 4s

Buy upgrade for troops

  • Upgrade +1 damage, +1 armor and +10 life

Buy upgrade for Photon Cannon and Planetary Fortress

  • Upgrade +1 damage, +1 armor, +1 attack speed (max 9), +50 life and +1regen life and shield (max 6).

Photon Cannon

  • Each player have their Photon Cannon !
  • You gain minerals and gas if you kill Photon Cannon enemy!

Random minerals and gas

  • Each 20s random pop (+100minerals and/or +100gas) in the map. Walk on it to gain bonus !

Nova Artifact

  • Use Artefact to Kill ALL unit in area, Ally or Enemy. 1use per player

-Add Hyrbrid, Destroyer Hybrid and Tauren Marine.

-Add "Mirror" mode .

It's only to test map in solo !! Not a real mode

(Without Upgrade !)

  • Vs 1 Computer = Very Easy / Easy
  • Vs 2 Computer = Medium / Hard
  • Vs 3 Computer = Impossible


Complete change Income Syteme

  • You begin with 3 Trucks
  • With each Trucks you gain income
  • You can buy trucks (max15)
  • You can upgrade speed truck
  • You can upgrade income gain with your trucks

Modification skin map

  • In the top left and Bottom right you have the income zone

Add button to exchange Gas/Mineral

Reset ALL textures on units

Fixed some bug


New Tower

  • You can exchange your Photon Cannon with an other Tower
  • Missile Turret, Auto Turret, Perdition Turret and Spore Crawler
  • You can upgrade your tower

Pop Terrazine

  • With Terrazine you can buy Heros (Heros are upgradable)

Heros are coming !

  • Omegalisk, Brutalisk, Mothership and ODIN are available

New unit available

  • Stone Zealot and Vulture

Gameplay, sorry for bad quality 🙁

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