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starcraft 2 mod Solan Desert

Solan Desert

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Updated: Feb 26, 2011
Created: Feb 26, 2011

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A Huge 2v2 / 1v1 or FFA Map. Near the Start Locations are 3 Close Expos 2 with 5 Mineral patches and one with 7. Every expo got 1 Geysir. One of them is a rich Geysir. Between the Start Locations are 2 Other Expos. 7 Patches 1 Geysir and 8 Patches 2 Geysir. These Expos right at the Connections between the players. So if you Expand there Be sure ur enemy has to pass this.

Also, There is a Iland in the Middle with Epic 16 High Yeald Minerals and 2 rich Geysirs. You can reach it By Nydus or Drop. But watch out. To eraly Expansion there and you will run into 4 Rocket Towers and 2 Auto Turrets Defending these. Even a Giant Destructible Rock has to be Destroyed with 5000 HP.



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