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Spawn Defense

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Updated: Jan 2, 2011
Created: Jan 1, 2011

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Current Version: 1.4

Build units to increase your income, while building towers to defend against your opponents' spawns.

With 6 buildings and 4 tower types, strategy plays a huge role in determining the victors.

Supported Features:
-29 different units ranging from the lowly Marine to the dreaded Phoenix.
From all races, with 9 linebusting powerhouses from the Zerg.
-4 Towers
Upgradeable with '#upgrade'; stackable, and heavy hitting; choose from the Photon Cannon, Missile Turret, Spine Crawler, or Spore Crawler.
If you feel the teams are unbalanced, or you just want a challenge, you may handicap yourself. At any time during the game you may change your handicap level by pressing the button labeled 'H'. This will allow you to reselect your handicap as you see fit.

Up and Coming Features:
-4 new units
More powerful and more expensive than anything you've seen yet!
-Community Pot
Can't afford to buy that Brood Lord? Want to send a Phoenix early in the game? Donate to the community pot and vote on what you want purchased! Left over funds will be carried over to the next round, requiring a revote if you wish them to be used.
-More upgrades
Feel your spawns are too slow, or too weak? Upgrade them from the Community Pot.
Not really, but you can buy more lives to keep you playing longer!


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