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starcraft 2 mod Special Forces Dropdown

Special Forces Dropdown

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Updated: Mar 1, 2014
Created: Mar 1, 2014

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it's an Action map with resource income like Dota and League of legends.
two computer controlled teams sends waves of attackers at eachother, defend your teams nexus while you destroy the enemy.
you have a static income of 2 minerals per 1.5 seconds.
Kill units to get more minerals and build a a bigger army

Buy units from your dropship.

All units will respawn at your Dropship at a rate of 1 unit per 3 seconds.

If you have an army of 30 units, it will take 90 seconds to respawn them all, be carefull!
Time is of the essence!

Dropships are woth 300 minerals and computer controlled towers are worth 150.

Your Dropship is supposed to be a Mobile reinforcements position for support and it is not a Battleship.
If your dropship dies, it will respawn at your start position, far away from your teams Nexus.

All units regenerate full Hp over 10 seconds if they leave combat.
If your dropship is far away from the current battle, then Micromanagement is key to survival.

(thought is that your army will be like a hero)


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