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starcraft 2 mod Specter’s Hero Pack

Specter’s Hero Pack

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Total Downloads: 1,505
Updated: Aug 23, 2010
Created: Aug 23, 2010

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Specter's Hero Pack release 295.28 KB Aug 23, 2010 - 1,505 download Specter’s Hero Pack Specter's Hero Pack releaseDownload



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This pack contains the following:

  • -8 unique heros modeled after wc3 heros, complete with leveled abilities and stats
  • -2 shops, 1 finished accessory shop and 1 unfinished potion shop
  • -well documented data. All data is custom made (no changing a field on a marine and calling it new)

This map is meant for people who either want to learn more about making heros in the editor or who want heros for their maps but do not want to create their own from scratch. You are welcome to use these heros in any way, shape, and form you desire. I simply ask that you give me credit if possible.

I will be updating this pack as I add more shops and if I find any bugs that need to be squashed.

The heros as of this point all have a 5 second cooldown on their skills and start with 100 skill points so that it is easy to test their abilities. They have fairly balanced weapons and vitals but the abilities are only vaguely balanced, damage wise.

Feel free to report any bugs and I will do my best to fix them.


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