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Star Creatures

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Updated: Apr 30, 2014
Created: May 30, 2012

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Basically a Rip-off of Pokemon

– – – – – – – – – –


  • Turn Base RPG style fights with random encounters.
  • Allows simultaneous battles for up to 8 players(this doesnt mean 4v4 or ffa but each person can be in a battle at same time :P)
  • Pokemon based battle system. (ie Elements and damage calculator)
  • Capturable opponents.
  • Pokedex.
  • Trainer Battles.
  • Day and Night cycles allowing appearance of other units and changes in rates.
  • Functioning PC and Store.
  • Too many search functions on PC.
  • Capable of Saving and Loading.
  • Pokemon style attacks (ie Power, Accuracy, Conditions, Condition Chance, Stat Raiser….)
  • Pokemon style natures (ie Bold, Adamant, Modest. All of which modify stats)
  • Pokemon style stats (ie Attack, Defense, Special Attack… IV's and EV's are also functioning)
  • Pokemon style evolutions.
  • Capable of learning new abilities or keeping old ones.
  • Enemy AI (chooses skills dependant on effectiveness and conditions, and of course comps in pokemon sometime do dumb things so a chance for random attacks)
  • Currently around 69 Obtainable units atm…
  • AND…..
  • over 44k lines of triggers! yay…..

– – – – – – – – – – –


Changes –

  • Added Trade haven't gotten to test it thoroughly yet, but should work…
  • Added new search functions can now search for unit type based on current pokedex and can search using text (finding Name, Lvl, Element, and Unit Type)
  • Duels SHOULD work properly
  • Added some animations (nothing fancy and I doubt every attack will ever have anims cause i hate actors…)
  • Added Cam Controls(not sure if i will keep…)
  • Terrain is about 80% done and I'm actually kinda proud of how well it looks!
  • Added models.
  • Added more obtainable units still a long ways to go added evolves for all obtainable units and attacks/abilities that suit them.
  • Over 30 unique abilities(not to be confused with attacks!)
  • Added even more attacks.
  • Added an unstuck button just incase.
  • Added Battle Camera toggle so you can turn Battle Camera off.

Lots more updates!

  • Added 30 or so more items.
  • Added 26 More units.
  • Completely redid combat messages into a combat log complete with color coordination.
  • Updated map allowing for zoom and showing of other players.
  • Changed time of day lighting shifting to a gradual change.
  • Added more attacks.
  • Added more abilities.
  • Fixed all reported bugs, and all bugs I happened upon. (Need more help finding bugs!! I keep finding out ppl are noticing them, but not telling me or leaving it in a review 😛 )
  • Added first Dragon type!!
  • Added 4 Events 2 of them offering unique units.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Plans –

  • Events occuring constantly. Including gym leader appearances.
  • Random Tournaments.
  • Rewards for gym leader/tournament/duel wins.
  • Trade feature. (should be pretty simple :P)
  • More units, abilities, items and attacks.
  • Making secret evolves and secret legendaries!

Comments are appreciated 😀



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