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starcraft 2 mod Star Crisis 1.0

Star Crisis 1.0

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Updated: Feb 17, 2012
Created: Feb 1, 2012

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Star Crisis 1.0 is a map i started on Friday, Jan. 27 which was to recreate the same or a similar gameplay style like time crisis sense that game was so badass. i am a warcraft 3 editor user and sense sc2 editor is a more customizable and more complicated i though it would have the abilitiy to recreate this gameplay style.

This map is a single player map, the game has only 1 stage, you have 5 life, if you run out, you lose.
You get 8 shots in your weapon, to reload it, hide in cover.
to come out of cover press and hold the space bar button.
to shoot, left click
there is also a timer that if expires you lose

the map uses TC2 music, and has TC1 sound effects.

The map contains 3 areas, at the end of each area you will be shown your current Accuracy (accuracy will be displayed like 52 / 41, the number on the left is your shots fired and the number on the right is how many shots hit)


  • Blue marines – very inaccurate and misses most of the time
  • Red marines – much more accurate and miss less often
  • Black marines – needs more then 1 shot to kill and is very accurate and high attack rate.
  • Zealots – melee enemies that take more then 1 shot to kill also 100% of hitting you (unless u are in cover)
  • Maruadar boss – well… like a boss 😛


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