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Starcraft 2 Capture the Flag Mod

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Total Downloads: 498
Updated: May 24, 2010
Created: May 24, 2010

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The Starcraft 2 Capture the Flag Mod makes it easy for you to create Capture the Flag style games.

How it works:
– Download the Mod file and place it in your Starcraft II Beta Mods folder (in your installation directory).
– When creating a new map, add the mod file as a Dependency or you can select the Dependencies dialog from the File menu if you've already created your map.

That's it! Your map now provides Capture the Flag gameplay. Make sure you don't remove the Melee Initialization trigger and create your map as you would any other melee map.

In-game, players have a two minute grace time before being allowed to access each others flag. Once spawned, the flags can only be captured using worker units. Have your workers pick up an enemy flag and return it to your flag back at the base to win. If a flag carrier is killed, the flag is dropped and it can be returned to its base by any friendly ground units.

I tried to avoid using triggers as much as possible. Spawning, picking, dropping and removing the flags is all done through the data editor (defeating a player and showing the initial timer was done through triggers). I invite the community here to download the mod, take a look at it, test and provide feedback. Regarding publishing, I'm having trouble publishing the mod on but I'll do so when it lets me do it.


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