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StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign

Game Version: -
Total Downloads: 43,873
Updated: Dec 20, 2018
Created: Apr 30, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Annihilation: Mission 24 release 68.64 MB Dec 20, 2018 - 3,304 download StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign Annihilation: Mission 24 releaseDownload
Annihilation: Mission 23 release 39.80 MB Nov 9, 2018 - 2,053 download StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign Annihilation: Mission 23 releaseDownload
Annihilation: Mission 22 release 72.85 MB Nov 9, 2018 - 2,039 download StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign Annihilation: Mission 22 releaseDownload
Annihilation: Mission 21 release 149.89 MB Nov 9, 2018 - 1,812 download StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign Annihilation: Mission 21 releaseDownload
Annihilation: Mission 17-20 release 136.90 MB Nov 9, 2018 - 1,830 download StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign Annihilation: Mission 17-20 releaseDownload
Annihilation: Mission 13-16 release 118.56 MB Nov 9, 2018 - 1,852 download StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign Annihilation: Mission 13-16 releaseDownload
Annihilation: Mission 9-12 release 157.75 MB Nov 9, 2018 - 1,970 download StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign Annihilation: Mission 9-12 releaseDownload
Annihilation: Missions 5-8 release 78.27 MB Nov 9, 2018 - 2,019 download StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign Annihilation: Missions 5-8 releaseDownload
Annihilation: Missions 1-4 release 86.10 MB Nov 9, 2018 - 2,575 download StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign Annihilation: Missions 1-4 releaseDownload



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Current Status:

Mission 24 "Edge of Annihilation" has officially been released, and with it, the entire campaign. I hope you enjoy!


This is my first serious map project for StarCraft II. I've always enjoyed the campaign aspect of StarCraft and have played through both the Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm campaigns several times, along with a multitude of different campaigns made by the public. I therefore decided it was time to create my own.

"Annihilation" is a 24 mission campaign with three different story perspectives that will intertwine into one final conclusion. Featuring high-quality terrain, lots of different characters as well as a wide variety of mission scenarios, this campaign, featuring 4 difficulty levels, will hopefully create an enjoyable experience for players of every skill level.

Link to the official Map Feedback thread can be found here.


  • Three seperate storylines intersecting and coming together into one final conclusion.
  • Play as both Terran, Zerg and Protoss.
  • Heavy focus on quality terrain and environments.
  • Custom soundtracks and several interesting Hero units.
  • 24 missions pitting you up against many different challenges and mission scenarios.
  • A total of 14 boss battles pitting you up against a variety of different tacticts and strategies.


It all starts with Investigator Maxwell Reeves of the Spec-Ops: Infiltration Program, who sets surface on the planet Callithus IV to assist the Terran settlers with what initially appears to be a minor Zerg problem. However, they soon realize that events has been set in motion that will potentially change the fate of the universe, and it will be up to the different clans to work together against stopping this threat.


  • Annihilation 01: Mindless Creatures – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 02: An Unfriendly Ally – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 03: The Idu'ran – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 04: Fallen Brethren – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 05: Departure – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 06: The Daggerfang – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 07: Homecoming – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 08: The Wandering Shadow – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 09: Bio-Weapons – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 10: Newfound Enemies – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 11: Ussorus – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 12: Reawakening – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 13: Facility 14A – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 14: The First Step – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 15: Entrance Into Risk – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 16: The Breach – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 17: Last Stand – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 18: A Major Downfall - Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 19: Planetary Incursion - Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 20: Sentient Reality - Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 21: Mysterious Revelations - Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 22: The United Forces – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 23: Frontal Push – Completed (RELEASE)
  • Annihilation 24: Edge of Annihilation – Completed (RELEASE)

Difficulty Levels:

This campaign contains 4 difficulty levels, ranging from Casual, Normal, Hard and Brutal. Your success in completing the individual missions on these difficulties greatly depends on your level of skill.

  • Casual: A difficulty requiring little to no multitasking and micro skills, featuring less enemies and focus on story.
  • Normal: A difficulty requiring minor multitasking and micro skills, featuring fewer enemies and focus on story and minor challenges.
  • Hard: A difficulty requiring good multitasking and micro skills, featuring a high number enemies and focus on challenges and entertainment.
  • Brutal: A difficulty requiring great multitasking and micro skills, featuring tremendously more enemies and heavy focus on challenge.


You may have trouble opening these maps if you open them directly from the map itself. If you do have this issue and the map opens up as just an empty map, then I suggest you open it in the following way:

  • Open up the StarCraft II Editor.
  • Once finished, go to "Open".
  • Find the map in your catalog, and select it. Using this method to open any maps from the campaign should fix any issues you have with opening them.


You may notice some of the music in the campaign are not from StarCraft, in fact, I focused heavily on the use of soundtracks to bring the campaign to life. If you wish to see a full list of all the tracks confirmed to be used, click here.


  • Special thanks to the respected composers of the various different music soundtracks used in this campaign.
  • Special thanks to Thrikodias for the awesome custom models and units used in this campaign.
  • Special thanks to VastanX for creating the unique models for various Hero units used in this campaign.
  • Special thanks to all those who play and provide useful feedback to help improve these maps.
  • Special thanks to users JayborinoPlays, deltronLive, Redlerred7 xMasterKD and Palnai for playing and providing entertainment and feedback for this campaign.

Patch Notes:

No patch notes are planned for the campaign.

Screenshots & Videos:


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