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Starcraft: Time Splitters

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Total Downloads: 963
Updated: Jun 27, 2019
Created: Jul 24, 2018

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Prologue: The Talon [part 2] V5 release 26.49 MB Jun 27, 2019 - 39 download Starcraft: Time Splitters Prologue: The Talon [part 2] V5 releaseDownload
Prologue: The Talon [part 1] V7 release 27.94 MB Jun 27, 2019 - 29 download Starcraft: Time Splitters Prologue: The Talon [part 1] V7 releaseDownload
Mission Launcher V4 release 16.99 MB Jun 27, 2019 - 23 download Starcraft: Time Splitters Mission Launcher V4 releaseDownload
Talon Faction Mod V2.18 release 162.46 MB Jun 27, 2019 - 27 download Starcraft: Time Splitters Talon Faction Mod V2.18 releaseDownload


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Preface. This campaign is my first attempt for a project telling a story within the realm of SC2 and consisting of multiple singleplayer maps. I hope that I can provide you [player, streamer, watcher] with a fun and enjoyable experience.
I also hope my mapmaking skills and time allow me to bring out the maps I want to tell within the story set for this campaign.

Also, should you encounter problems due to Blizzard updates or other, please let me know about them, then I'll try to fix all I can.


Starcraft: Time Splitters
The campaign will be set in the style of Time Splitters, and will introduce the Protoss Talon faction as a playable race that is at the center of this campaign.


[History] While their history among the Protoss is largely shrouded in mystery, recorded history shows that the Talon have always been present at the beginning of momentous events, mostly resulting in a war-torn Protoss society. Near the end of the Aeon of Strife when Adun introduced the Khala, the Talon were amongst those who vicously opposed it. Even before the exile of the Nerazim, most of the Talon left Aiur in several supercarriers in order to found a new civilization of their own. Amongst those which were left behind they merged themselves in with the Nerazim and Tal'Darim in order to learn and gather intel.

[Time Splitters] For decades the Talon have kept a shroud of silence around their existence ever since. Many of the mysteriously vanished expeditionary teams of Protoss and terrans alike are the result of relentless destruction by the Talon. However, while there were always tensions between the various subfactions of the Talon, during the last year tensions grew exponentially, leaving the Talon at the edge of a civil war. This story begins on a small backwater planet, where the Annual Combat Event -a yearly ritual for the establishment of Talon rule- is on the verge to begin…


How to install and play

 Installing the maps
1. Download the mission maps and the launcher here.
2. Unzip the zip-files.
3. Copy the xxx.sc2map files within the unzipped folders and follow below instructions
4. Open your SC2 directory [by default it should be C:/Program Files/Starcraft II/ ]
5. Open the Maps folder within your SC2 directory. If this folder does not exist, create a new folder and name it Maps.
6. Inside the Maps folder, create a new folder with the name: SCTimeSplitters.
7. Paste the xxx.sc2map files inside the SCTimeSplitters folder.

 Installing the mod
1. Download the mod here.
2. Unzip the zip-file.
3. Copy the Talon_Faction_Mod.sc2mod file within the unzipped folder and follow below instructions
4. Open your SC2 directory [by default it should be C:/Program Files/Starcraft II/ ]
5. Open the Mods folder within your SC2 directory. If this folder does not exist, create a new folder and name it Mods.
6. Paste the Talon_Faction_Mod.sc2mod file inside the Mods folder.

 Play the Campaign
1. Open the launcher through the editor
2. Start the launcher with the Test Document function.
3. After loading the map: select from the screen and… poof!

Note: Make sure Legacy Of The Void is installed for best performance.



  • A new playable faction featuring new and unique units and characters.
  • Lots of new models
  • Maps with cutscenes and storytelling.


  • Prologue: The Talon [part1]
  • Prologue: The Talon [part2]


  • Mission 1: Bionical (under construction)
  • Mission 2: The Autonomous Sword
  • Mission 3: The Rite
  • Mission 4: Crisis on Planet X
  • Mission X: Convergence (postponed in mission order)


The campaign in Russian
Hobot Productions have translated the campaign into russian"check it out here: 

  • Main page link
  • Direct download link


Campaign Feedback Page
Please use the link above to leave feedback on the campaign for improvement of the missions.


Credits and Special thanks
In no particular order,

  • DaveSpectre122
  • DudkiSC2
  • Edhriano
  • TChosenOne
  • VastanX
  • Deltron @ DeltronLive



…Page will be updated timely.



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