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Updated: Aug 17, 2010
Created: Aug 8, 2010

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Remake of Wc3 map Warlock (by Zymoran and Demestotenes)
Spellcaster arena, players fighting each other on an island surrounded by lava. Players can buy and upgrade different spells from the shop (8 max). They're divided on offensive and defensive. All bought spells (and 1 standard) are upgradable to lvl 9

There are also 2 standard spells:
1) Plasmaball – Simple projectile, deals low damage
2) Call Storm – Damages nearby enemies (includes caster) in short range, deals high damage

Almost all damaging spells can knockback enemies on hit. Goal of the map – kill all enemies on arena. Easiest way to do this – push them in lava, which raises with time. There are 20 rounds, players wins round, when all enemies are killed.


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