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Storm the Base!

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Total Downloads: 1,319
Updated: May 30, 2010
Created: Apr 2, 2010

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Storm the Base! (Open Beta) beta 4.47 MB May 30, 2010 - 746 download Storm the Base! Storm the Base! (Open Beta) betaDownload
STB - Badlands alpha 1.25 MB Jun 18, 2010 - 169 download Storm the Base! STB - Badlands alphaDownload
0.08b alpha 3.97 MB May 14, 2010 - 256 download Storm the Base! 0.08b alphaDownload
Storm the Base v alpha 3.97 MB May 14, 2010 - 148 download Storm the Base! Storm the Base v alphaDownload



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We've updated the file list with a new map, Storm the Base – Badlands. This is a new terrain set we'll be using for the first release after beta comes back online. It features closer-spaced control points and realistic desert with a custom day/night cycle lighting set.

Forum thread link for feedback

Storm the Base !

(Multiplayer demo)


In Storm the Base, captains and swarms of zerg squads clash, as part of a fast-paced multiplayer tug of war.

The viewpoint in the video above is me on the zerg force, and the attacker (Zerahan) is controlling a "Marshal"-class tank captain who tanks with summons. There can be a total of 6 players on each side, and will 6 possible captains. The number of Zerg units are limited only by supply, giving you endless waves of carnage! Zerg gameplay is inspired by the real time strategy game World in Conflict.

Here's videos of some gameplay characteristics of each team. These are with a single player and a few enemy units scattered around just for example:

(part 1 of the captains demo)

(part 2 of the captains demo)

(the zerg demo)

Team Details

Two out of six captains are done. Each captain starts out with rank 1 in each ability, allowing for full strategic complexity right off the bat. Leveling past these basic ranks, in the abilities you want, allows you to use them more effectively in your core arsenal and preferred playstyle.

The second team controls Zerg swarms of 5-40 units per player (depending on how high tech the units are). Six zerg players means the zerg faction can control between 30-240 units at a time… higher at the start in the low tech phase, and fewer, more powerful units towards the end. Zerg larvae spawn at their active checkpoints on regular time intervals, and larvae hatch quickly to provide a fast-paced game, capped by supply. Zerg gameplay is inspired by World in Conflict's squad warfare. There will be two Zerg "roles": Assault and Support. Assault controls direct attackers that have no abilities other than burrow, and the Support role will control various units with abilities such as creep tumors, long-distance barrages, healing, exploding corpses, buffing, and so on.

Our long-term goal is to make this into a functioning mod system anyone can easily create maps for with just basic terrain and triggering skills.

Here's short in-editor clips of some terrain Zerahan's done around the map:

This is a view of the central crossroads, where much of the initial fighting occurs. An activatable Xel'Naga watchtower can just barely be seen at center-left. Three of these are at crossroads between checkpoints on the map, providing a huge scouting advantage (50% more sight range than normal watch towers).

Authors and Recruitment

Storm the Base is created by Zerahan and myself, Thalassicus. Zerahan's done most of the terrain, while I've been focusing on abilities and triggers. If anyone has an art interest (user interface, skins, models, that sort of thing) it'd be great to have you on the team, just contact me.


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