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Storm to Pass

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Updated: Jul 5, 2010
Created: Jul 5, 2010

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This is try #2 at map making for me, the first one that I made just ended up too large, and made me very sad inside. It wasn't what I was aiming for at all. Plus, who wants a map that makes you sad inside? right.

Anyway, I took what I could from the feedback on that map, and put together a new one, with some similar features, but smaller, and few issues fixed up. Oh, and the best part? It makes me happy inside. Just incase you care, eh. So, now I need feedback on this map, it's on the same tileset that I used on my other one, if it happens to look familiar.

Name: Storm to Pass (Name might change, just happened to be the song on when I filled in the info. Feel free to suggest a name change if you like, I'm down with changing it if something fitting gets posted.

Type: Melee 1v1

Size: 133×116 Playable, 168×152 Actual

Scout: Takes about 25 seconds, maybe a bit more base to base.


Overview with explanation:
Overview w/symbols

Red – Start location

Black – Destructible Rocks

White – LOS blockers

Yellow/Green – Watchtower/watchtower range

Blue – Odd gold/blue mineral mix expo


– Easily defended natural, with tight choke and overlooking cliff from the main

– Destructible backdoor rocks to the main and natural, because trying to push through that choke would be just stupid with tanks on the cliff. Like srsly, completely ridiculous.

– Destructible rocks blocking the… kinda.. sorta.. high yield expo. We've all seen what those Terran players like to pull, I'm not down for those shananigans. That would be a long ass way to fly, anyway.

– LOS blockers around the little lakes to prevent those pesky siege units from abusing them too much.

– Single watchtower in middle, makes holding midground advantageous.

– Lots of open ground between the 12 and 6 expo's, and down around the high yields.


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