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starcraft 2 mod Stranded on Korhal

Stranded on Korhal

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Total Downloads: 5,660
Updated: Mar 7, 2017
Created: May 2, 2010

Earlier Versions

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Stranded On Korhal (2017 Update) release 26.93 MB Mar 7, 2017 - 220 download Stranded on Korhal Stranded On Korhal (2017 Update) releaseDownload
Stranded on Korhal release 27.31 MB May 28, 2010 - 5,440 download Stranded on Korhal Stranded on Korhal releaseDownload


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2017 Update (6th of March)

A small update which fixed some of the more serious errors/bugs with the game caused by the various official SC2 patches through the years.

  • Severely decreased the difficulty by changing the health/damage output of most units
  • The game will no longer skip to the final mission after moving with Nigel. This was due to a bug that any action (ie moving) instead of using a nuclear missile triggered the final cinematic
  • Fixed some cameras that were rendering incorrectly
  • Fixed fog of war visiblity
  • Increased gamespeed from normal to faster

There are still some errors in the console, but nothing gamebreaking. Once again you can enjoy the entire adventure Matt and Nigel embark upon!



The brave adventurers Matt and Nigel find themselves on a distant planet far away from home. Their ship 'Prosperity' is just nearing the surface.

Play through a series of easy to medium objectives backed up by cinematics and a plotline throughout the whole map. The whole experience takes about 20-25 minutes and should entertain you at least.

Update 13th of October 2010

For everyone who is wondering if there will be future maps involving Matt and Nigel, you're in luck. I'm actively learning to utilize a lot of things Galaxy Editor has to offer and I will do my best to master them as much as I can. You'll be pleased to hear that I'm starting to make a complete campaign based around these characters.

Matt & Nigel (Working Title)

  • The gameplay style will most definitely be like the Wings of Liberty Campaign, so no fancy camera movement etc. The balance between the normal maps (Build up a base and win) and RPG maps (Just a hero and some forces) will be around 50/50 I guess.
  • The story will be playing parallel to the Wings of Liberty story. It may start a little before Jim Raynor starts his rebellion, but it will most definitely have references to Jimmy's campaign in later missions. A couple of missions may stray away from the chronological order of the story though.
  • The vibe of the story may become a little more dark than in Stranded on Korhal, but it won't be overwhelmingly different from it.
  • The story will be elaborated in game as well as Story Mode, where the experience will be much like aboard the Hyperion and the cutscenes in Wings of Liberty.
  • Much of the feedback here has inspired me to even begin this project. I have learned a lot since this map was released and the overall quality will rise tremendously in this campaign. Thank you.

For now, say hello to Matt Dalton and Nigel Graham

Matt Dalton & Nigel Graham

Stranded on Korhal

To play it, simply open the map in the Galaxy Editor and hit Test Document or CTRL + F9

This is the first map I made with Galaxy Editor and it was basically a way for me to learn more about all the functions it has. Everything in it was made up after eachother, so I had no plan on what the map would look like when it was done. There are a lot of things I found out halfway through the mapmaking process, so there are definitely some points that could be made alot better when I'd make them from scratch again. But I really wanted to finish this map so that I would get a taste of what it's like finishing a map for once.

To all you map editors: Feel free to take a look inside the triggers, terraining and everything that will interest you. Maybe you will learn something from it, or you can just laugh at how many pathing blockers I used and make fun of me.

My apologies for the huge size; it's from the imported music; it could probably be brought down alot, as most of the time I only use like 20% of the track's total length. (Expect a smaller size in the future)


If you have the time to give me some feedback that will be really appreciated. Tell me what you liked, tell me what you hated, but most of all: tell me what bugs you found so I can fix them! It can be anything; terrain, cinematics, plotline, gameplay you name it! I for one think there's too much cinematic in it.

Future Plans

I'm not sure yet if I want to spent alot of time in this map to improve it, there will definitely be voice acting added for one, so look out for that. The triggers were a bit poorly designed and it would be problematic to change the map in difficulty as I would need more space to make that happen the way I want it. However I have learned alot by making this map and the feedback you provided. My future maps will most definitely include:

Better Characters: In terms of story and gameplay, the main characters will have worked out characteristics, a backstory and different reactions on certain situations. They will have different roles that compliment eachother, think of it as a WoW party. Around 3 unique abilities will be added to each character to make them better at what they do and more fun for you.

Skipable Cinematics: Able to skip cinematics by hitting the ESC button, you guys are gonna love this.

Checkpoints: Every time an objective is completed or other significant point is reached, the game will make a checkpoint; making you revert to the last checkpoint should you fail. This will make it possible to make the map more of a challenge. I have no idea how to make this as you can't save games yet, but it should be possible later. I could do it with a real variable tracking the checkpoints and return you to a certain point when you fail, but that forces me to make all the units on the map trigger made, which is alot of work.

Update 5th of May 2010

So my laptop officialy died, it doesn't even boot up anymore. Luckily for me I just ordered a new one and got it now. It's a MacBook, so I can't work on the map at this time, when the Galaxy Editor is released for Mac be assured I will make up the lost time and there will be an update for this map soon.

Stay tuned for more!

Update 25th of May 2010

I got Bootcamp fully working with the Galaxy Editor and have updated the map. Now featuring:

VOICE ACTING by Travis Lynch (OldOneEye1987)

  • Better terrain
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed some spelling errors


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