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starcraft 2 mod Sunken Retreat

Sunken Retreat

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Total Downloads: 328
Updated: May 4, 2010
Created: May 4, 2010

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Sunken Retreat beta 112.99 KB May 4, 2010 - 328 download Sunken Retreat Sunken Retreat betaDownload



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Standard melee, but what makes it unique is that your original base has the low ground disadvantage making your high ground natural expand a very important point of control for early in the game(EX: terran will probably immediately wall in their nat expo instead of their normal base). There is only 1 ground accessible path between the two bases and the main level hold another expo and high yield for both players. Both players have to struggle to own the center zel naga which is surrounded by line of sight blockers. Both players have the opportunity to get additional zel nagas which will open sight to the enemies (or yours if you get the other for some reason) High yield base and also provides a high ground area of attack to harass your opponents economy line.

Previous Know Problems
-some path blocking was having problems on the side of the map; should be fixed.
-Proxy reaper cheesers if u try to use the path blocked area around the base you might get stuck. My my advice learn to play for reals there enough space to reaper rush as it is.
-Additional aesthetic design will be uploaded.

Possibly adding in the choice of custom game modes soon, which will possibly include but no be limited too:
-vs TD mode which is basically a base defense game where enemy units spawn in both directions from the center of the map last one standing wins.
-WC3 style basically starcraft2 with heroes still normal melee game but of course creeps and whatnot.
-Any other possible ideas give them to me I love collaboration.



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