StarCraft 2 Swarm (Campaign) Fix for Swarm (Multi) 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Swarm (Campaign) Fix for Swarm (Multi)

Swarm (Campaign) Fix for Swarm (Multi)

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Total Downloads: 246
Updated: Dec 31, 2014
Created: Dec 3, 2014

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SwarmCampaignFixed release 34.94 KB Dec 31, 2014 - 246 download Swarm (Campaign) Fix for Swarm (Multi) SwarmCampaignFixed releaseDownload



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PM me if I have missed something!

This is a common problem in really A LOT of custom maps/mods. If you add SwarmMod or SwarmMulti dependencies together with SwarmCampaign, the latter one will mess up all the multiplayer-related stuff. This mod will get rid of many wrong values in the Data Module, restoring the regular multiplayer Tech Tree.

Also check Void (Campaign) Fix for Void (Multi)


The mod can also be found on for online dependencies, kindly hosted by WARGIRL. To link your online dependencies to your map, look for:

enUS: Swarm (Campaign) Fixed

itIT: Swarm (Campagna) – corretto


Just add it as a dependency into your project followed (this is important) by SwarmMulti, as this mod already uses SwarmMod and SwarmCampaign as dependencies. This will also mean that you will have your multiplayer stuff up-to-date with the latest balance changes.



Some texts have been reverted back to LibertyMod and SwarmMod as they were changed by the campaign dependencies. Feel free to help with other localizations of the mod (including the text that appears in Editor only).


Remember that not everything is changed, for example most of the Validators, Motors, Models and Sounds remains unchecked, as I think almost everything is untouched there. In case, you can report me any bug you find with a private message, I'll appreciate that.

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