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Updated: Jun 14, 2010
Created: Jun 14, 2010

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Twilight Fortress modified to have 3 Computer Players on each side, controlled by you!

I made this map for giggles, to see what the Computer AI would do in situations where they are given Armies that they would normally never build. On each side of the map, there are 3 bases with a Terran, Protoss, and Zerg computer. You have full control over their actions on both sides, you can train armies of your choosing and pit them against each other head to head; you can command them yourself or let the AI take over and go crazy.

– All Resources are infinite
– All units give a 20% bounty
– Queen's Spawn Creep Tumor ability removed (caused construction issues)
– Carriers start with 8 Interceptors and train time reduced to 1/4.

How to Play:
Very simple, you have a one-way alliance with all the computer players where you have full control of building, spending, and control. Build up armies on both sides then send them at each other for your pleasure. If you really want to see big battles, I suggest using the Protoss first to create photon cannon walls on both sides at the first expansion to hold the flow of troops down, then tech up. Try upgrading only special researches and Armor first, save upgrading Attacks for when you feel like finishing it off. There is no End-Win trigger, its all in the name of fun. Try using Motherships even if you don't normally play with them, its fun having them out whenever possible.

Don't try to wall with the Terrans, they will always put down supply depots and they don't like the use of Bunkers. Zerg's Creep atm is limited because I removed Creep Tumors as they were preventing the construction from other races, but it doesn't affect the game much, easily work around. Most researches the AI will normally never train on their own, but will use include Siege Mode on Tanks, Burrow, and Warpgates. Things they won't use even with research done: Nukes, Thor Cannons, Yamato. Some units they have no clue whatsoever on how to use, such as will send Immortals to attack Air sometimes. If a worker is idle and you give it a command, the Computer AI may fight for control against you, just select another worker who is gathering resources rather than fight with the Computer.

Future Plans:
Maybe later on I'll add a Leaderboard to display each Computer's resources and supply usage.
I may also add some of the Triggered AI script commands to make it more lively and unpredictable actions.


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