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The Depot Life

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Updated: Apr 13, 2012
Created: Apr 13, 2012

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The Depot Life - Version 4 release 926.12 KB Apr 13, 2012 - 555 download The Depot Life The Depot Life - Version 4 releaseDownload
The Depot Life - Version 5 beta 1.50 MB Apr 14, 2012 - 269 download The Depot Life The Depot Life - Version 5 betaDownload


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Update edit: This version of the map only represents about 2 weeks of work. I have since put 4 months of work on the map. I changed so many things that I renamed the map to APM TD. It is on the NA server.

A couple weeks ago I saw Blizzard's April fools joke, StarCraft: Supply Depot. While I was looking at those long credits. I wanted to play the game I had imagined this would be. A game where you can make the difference as a supply depot. Marines keep you alive but you don't control them. You just keep them safe with depots.

Marines and SCVs come in from all four sides. You have to lower the Supply Depot to let the marines in then quickly close it to stop the Zerg from getting in.

You can upgrade the supply depots up to level 4 and build more depots. The Marines will also upgrade when you get enough of them to safety. Zerglings, Banelings, and Roaches will attack your base and these also have another stronger version to attack you in the later rounds. There are 17 rounds to survive.

There are two bugs I don't know how to fix. Hope someone who is better than me with the Data editor can help.

  1. 1 It shows a 75 mineral icon above the depot when they start and finish some upgrades. I want to get rid of it.
  2. 2 You can't cancel an in progress depot. Don't know how to make that work. It looks like it should.

Early Game
Early Game

Mid Game
Mid Game

The map is available now on the NA server. Please try it out and tell me what you think.
It is a single player map
The name on Bnet is The Depot Life


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