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starcraft 2 mod The Hunters SC2

The Hunters SC2

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Total Downloads: 2,283
Updated: Jun 9, 2010
Created: Jun 9, 2010

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Imported the old big game hunters from sc1 to the editor, edited the terrain and reduced the minerals and added a vespene gas, to match The Hunters standards. Added a few sc2 features:

  • Cliffs between bases, they go over the water, so reaper rush and colossus can go true. NOTE: Cliffs that are above the mineral field can't be climbed with reapers or colossus, water can't be crossed by them too.
  • LOS blockers are placed in front of the cliffs so hidden proxy or pylon can be made. Or simply hide army.
  • Xel'naga tower in the middle, surrounded by LOS blockers.
  • Rich minerals and gas in the middle.
  • The middle has destructible rocks.


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