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starcraft 2 mod The Reckoning

The Reckoning

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Updated: Sep 9, 2010
Created: Jun 14, 2010

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UPDATE: No more crappy beta substitutes! Zeratul and Kerrigan and their portraits are now featured! This is the REAL remake!

This is a remake of the second-to-last mission (not counting Dark Origin) in Brood War, the one where Raszagal dies. After screwing around with the trigger editor, I was able to put together a scene identical to that in the original. There is a lake in the center of the map with an island where the stasis cell (a psi indoctrinator doodad) is. After you defeat the Protoss, you will actually see the scene play out like in the original! Zeratul will attack Raszagal and she (a neutral Dark Templar unit) will die, and the transmissions will play. As for the terrain, I used vortexx2010's Orrn Volcano as a template for this map, but some changes have been made, namely the lake in the center where the rich expansions and a tiny puddle used to be. So anyway, try it out and I hope you like it. Enjoy!


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