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The Zerg Rush

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Updated: Aug 5, 2010
Created: Apr 25, 2010

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The Zerg Rush beta 188.33 KB Apr 26, 2010 - 173 download The Zerg Rush The Zerg Rush betaDownload
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The Zerg Rush alpha 168.31 KB Apr 25, 2010 - 155 download The Zerg Rush The Zerg Rush alphaDownload
The Zerg Rush alpha 165.43 KB Apr 25, 2010 - 124 download The Zerg Rush The Zerg Rush alphaDownload
The Zerg Rush alpha 165.39 KB Apr 25, 2010 - 227 download The Zerg Rush The Zerg Rush alphaDownload
Zerg Rush alpha 166.39 KB Apr 25, 2010 - 138 download The Zerg Rush Zerg Rush alphaDownload


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A base camp was set up by an Umojan task force on an old Confederate space platform in order to investigate technology there. Little did they know that the Zerg Swarm was passing by on its rampage through Terran-controlled worlds. Pushed back to their base, the Terrans have called for evac and prepare to make a last stand against the Swarm. Their only hope lies in their four Ghost specialists, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and no fear. Should they survive, who knows the outcome..

Zerg Rush is a third-person shooter game, designed for five players. Four players take control of Ghost operatives, playing the game in the third-person perspective. Alongside them is the remnants of the Umojan expedition, controlled by the AI. Ghosts move very fast, only able to be matched by the Swarm's Broodlings. Their weapon of choice is the formidable C-10 Canister Rifle. One shot from these babies can rip a zergling in half. Recent Umojan developments have lead to the creation of psi-bullets, allowing the Ghosts to have unlimited ammunition.


WASD – Movement
Mouse – Controls camera, which can be rotated. Scrolling will zoom out if that is your preference.
Left click – Shoots rifle. Only targets in front of the ghost will be hit. If ammo is depleted, will reload.
Right click – Jumps.
R – Manually reloads the Ghost's rifle.
C – Activate personal cloaking. Cloaking renders the Ghost completely untargetable, but it eats up energy fast. Use to get out of tight situations or to launch a surprise attack.
G – Activate Psionic Shield. The shield encompasses a wide area around the Ghost. All allied units, including the caster, inside the shield take 5 less damage from all attacks. Useful to use when protecting allies or facing large swarms of units. Lasts 15 seconds
T – Lays down an Auto-Turret. The Auto-Turret attracts all nearby enemy units to it, dealing heavy splash damage. Useful to make a quick getaway, or to quickly tie down a wave of units. Lasts 10 seconds.

The fifth player takes control of the Zerg in the typical RTS perspective. The Swarm makes up for the fortified Terran base and Ghosts with sheer numbers. Overconfident Ghosts can find themselves quickly being overwhelmed. Crafty Zerg players will find several tricks to use during the course of the defense, such as Banelings, Ultralisks, and various other units.

Ghost Tips:

You outrange all Zerg units. Try to avoid a close range fight as much as possible.

Cloak is a great way to get out of bad situations. Auto-Turret may seem like the better alternative, but if you're low on energy, Cloak is available and Auto-Turret is not.

Combine Guardian Shield with Auto-Turret to set up an excellent defensive perimeter.

You can destroy the Spires and Nydus Worms on the east and west sides. The Mutalisks will stop coming, but each nydus worm destroyed on the sides only makes more zerg come from the south. Choose if you want to hold a balanced defense on three sides or funnel everything into the south.

Attempt to preserve your AI allies' lives as much as possible. Fighting completely alone will get you overwhelmed quickly. Guardian Shield is an excellent spell for this.

Zerg Tips:

Use your Creep Tumors when you've pushed the Terrans back or you find that there are no Ghosts defending a side. The speed increase to your minions is a huge advantage for you.

Research Tunneling Claws from the Roach Warren near the Hive at the beginning of the game. Burrowed Roaches can serve as excellent ambushes, but beware; the Terrans have many Missile Turrets.

Use your special units well. Make sure your Banelings are not leading your armies into battle, whereas your Ultralisks should. Even Ghosts take a while to down these beasts, leaving your other units to wreak havoc.

Never be afraid to pull forces back and gather a large army. While the constant withering of the Terrans is effective, so is sending a huge force at them at once.

There are several targets that should be destroyed as soon as possible. Psi Disruptors near the Command Center will make your life hell until they are destroyed; and even killing one Ghost is a huge increase in survivability for your forces.


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