StarCraft 2 V-Tec Paintball 1.0 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod V-Tec Paintball 1.0

V-Tec Paintball 1.0

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Total Downloads: 386
Updated: Sep 12, 2010
Created: Sep 10, 2010

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V-Tec Paintball 2 release 304.88 KB Sep 12, 2010 - 386 download V-Tec Paintball 1.0 V-Tec Paintball 2 releaseDownload


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Considered to be the pioneer of Paintball games, V-Tec Paintball, created by KnIgHtCoM, was a great game during the era of Starcraft. Like DOTA, this game spawned many clans, channels, servers, tournaments, and so forth. Although it may not have gained as much popularity as DOTA did, but it was definitely the DOTA of its time. V-Tec Paintball was a landmark in the custom games.

Unfortunately, the game lost its popularity to other Paintball games, such as, surprisingly, Sniper Paintball games, and the like. The game was edited and revamped multiple times to keep its popularity, but it was doomed to die out.

I don't know who has played this game; hell I would be surprised if I could find anyone who has seen this game in the list of custom games in Starcraft. I did my best to revitalize and reformat this brilliant game. For those who may remember V-Tec Paintball, I hope you play this with memories of the old one; and for those who haven't, I give you a landmark in custom games.

Suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated. E-mail me at, or just leave a comment on this page or Thanks!


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