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starcraft 2 mod Verdant Skyway

Verdant Skyway

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Total Downloads: 2,218
Updated: Jun 11, 2010
Created: May 26, 2010

Earlier Versions

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Verdant Skyway beta 1.80 MB Jun 11, 2010 - 2,218 download Verdant Skyway Verdant Skyway betaDownload



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As a Dominion Commander your mission is to uncover ancient Xel'Naga artifacts on a jungle world held by Protoss forces.

Those of you who played my previous maps know that some people encountered an issue with the enemies not attacking. The issue seems to be caused by playing the map via the "test document" option from the editor. Until release or I publish, the work around seems to be to drag the map file onto your sc2 exe icon. Thanks to Ultraling for this tip.

Also, you may know that I error on the side of my maps being WTF-hard, so feedback is appreciated. I feel this level is easier though due to playing Terran, who have beastly base defenses. There are some cheat codes listed in the trigger editor too if you get stuck.

Otherwise, enjoy and thanks for playing!


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