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starcraft 2 mod Vol-Cav


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Updated: Nov 8, 2010
Created: Nov 8, 2010

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Vol-Cav is basically a 1v1 version of infernal arena. set in a cave there is back door gold and entrances block by rocks. it is a medium length rush. both sides of the map are slightly different, 1 has a longer way to the natural and 1 but the other 1's natural is easier to defend. 1 has a bigger back, but blocks direct access too the main with a cliff, where the other 1 is small but is easier to attack the main. there are 4 high yields and 4 normal places. 2 golds are in the back door, 2 are on islands. 2 blue are the main, 2 are the naturals. this map has less gas, it encourages more heavy mineral based armies.


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