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starcraft 2 mod War Games (Sim-331)

War Games (Sim-331)

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Updated: Aug 25, 2010
Created: Aug 25, 2010

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A small perfectly symmetrical map divided between two teams Red and Blue. Each team has its own HQ building and a Requisition Center building. The objective is to destroy the enemy HQ. You earn credits through a special income system mainly by killing enemy units. You spend credits at the Requisition Center to buy units. There is a low unit cap so you must work together with your team mates to complement each other's unit types.

The team that scores first blood will get a one-time credits bonus, and it will be the first one to enter rush mode. Rush mode will grant a team increased bounty on the units they kill, for the duration of the rush mode (this is the best time for attacking). Rush mode will only last for a few minutes, followed by a break, followed by the other team's rush, and so on.

At regular intervals, mineral crates will spawn at one of the 3 platform hatches on each team's side of the map. Use an SCV unit to pick up the crate and earn yourself a small credit bonus. This bonus goes directly to the player that gathers it. Each time a crate spawns it will spawn for the other team so there is an even distribution of bonuses.

In the middle of the map there's bottleneck area that separates the two bases, this pathway is watched over by two bunkers (one for each team), use the SCVs to repair your bunker when you can, there is no way of rebuilding it once it's destroyed. If you have an SCV you can use its special ability to hack the door of the central tunnel, gaining temporary access to the tunnel. This will allow you to send surprise attacks behind the enemy lines, or even go in with your SCV and attempt to steal bonus crates from the enemy. Note that using this ability costs a small amount of credits and a lot of energy, also, the enemy team can perform their own hack, at any time, to overwrite yours.

Each base is protected by very powerful anti-air turrets which are able to one-shot any air unit, it is recommended that you avoid the air-space beyond the primary base shields of the enemy base.

Have fun!

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