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starcraft 2 mod Wintermaul: The Remake

Wintermaul: The Remake

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Updated: Mar 3, 2011
Created: Mar 3, 2011

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A StarCraft II remake of the classic Wintermaul series from WarCraft III. I owe a big thanks to quite a few people who helped me along the way, including those who helped me retrieve the map after I suffered an unfortunate incident with my external hard drive.

The game basically goes like this: Everyone has their own spawn and lane, where waves of units move in set patterns towards a star ship. Every time a unit reaches the starship, your entire team loses a life. When your lives hit zero, everyone loses. It's a largely cooperative game, requiring everyone to carry their weight. You select a race, train your builder and form mazes out of towers in order to combat the units as they attempt to pass your defences. Certain towers are good at killing certain types of units, so make sure you balance out your defence to handle anything that will come at you.

Further information, such as in-game commands, can be found with the in-game help menu.

A note to all those who are interested in using this as a template for their mauls: You're free to use this map as a template, so long as you give me credit for my work.


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