StarCraft 2 WoW Human Buildings 2023 download
starcraft 2 mod WoW Human Buildings

WoW Human Buildings

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Total Downloads: 909
Updated: Mar 16, 2013
Created: Mar 4, 2013

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WoW assets 0.2.2 release 1.71 MB Mar 16, 2013 - 909 download WoW Human Buildings WoW assets 0.2.2 releaseDownload



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Improved WMO Assets, added better texture handling in models, have team colors, models themselves improvemets, size improvement in game, selections circles radius in game, selection boxes.

Includes Buildings: Barracks, Mine, Guard Tower, Town Hall, House, Farm, Lumber Mill, Blacksmith.

Includes Icons and Wireframes of mentioned buildings above.

(In future these buildings may get specular and normal maps applied, but when applied now, the models recieve light incorrectly, needs more improvements in models…)


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