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Updated: Mar 25, 2012
Created: Dec 4, 2011

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The tower defense map that consists 30 waves. All the towers and monsters in waves are imported from great computer game World of Warcraft.

Monsters are taken from different Wow locations. You can find here Gordoc Brute from Dire Maul, Mindless zombie from Tirisfal Glades and many others. Every 7-th wave is air wave, every 10-th wave is Boss. The last boss is DeathWing.
Towers are different hero classes from Wow. There are Orc Warrior (melee tower), Elf Archer (classic weak range basic tower), Draenei Frost mage (classic slowing tower) and some others. Also here you find that memorably horde and alliance towers from Warcraft 2 and Warcraft 3.
In this map all the towers are upgradeable. Monsters runs through checkpoint and you can build a maze to make their way more long. Also in this map every monster has 1-2 % chance to drop an item. Items are helms and shoulders, you can give it to any your tower to increase its parametres. Finally, there are minigames in this map. Players play them after each boss. Minigames allow players to earn extra minerals for tower building. These are the most notible features of this map.

Planning to do

Map developing is stopped at 25march2012. I have made all the stuff i wanted. No new things will be added to my by me. May be someone else will continue work ion it, i don't know. Map is published at EU server by me and at US server by KorvinGump.

This is old video for demonstation (trailer for map isn't made. I would be happy if anybody makes it for me)


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