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starcraft 2 mod Wretch & Fool

Wretch & Fool

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Updated: Mar 9, 2019
Created: Sep 9, 2014

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(single player campaign)

Greetings everyone, this Campaign takes place one month after the debacle of Korhal, when Kerrigan betrayed Mengsk and the Protoss, killing Duke and Fenix. The story begins on Worthing, natural satellite of Tarsonis.


Wretch and Fool is a 10 missions single player campaign.

  • Majority of the missions are baseless and you controle an elite police squad.
  • Investigations (to find answers, better paths, bonus, side quests).
  • A lot of cutscenes and storytelling dialogues.


  • I dare say that the environments are of good quality.
  • A lot of doodads can be clues during investigations.
  • For some overviews of environments, please check the image gallery


  • The Scenario uses canons elements and includes branches that deviate from the main story. Consider this campaign like a possible drift of the known Starcraft scenario, that could happen if certain things that had taken place during Broodwar were differents.
  • The entire frame will be discovered through a trilogy, which "Wretch and Fool" is the first part.

The campaign will be all-voiced and in english. – Because I'm not English, feel free to send me corrections if my English is incorrect.


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