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XeA Tournament

Game Version: -
Total Downloads: 1,489
Updated: Jan 16, 2011
Created: Nov 16, 2010

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
XeA Tournament v3.11 release 3.82 MB Jan 16, 2011 - 484 download XeA Tournament XeA Tournament v3.11 releaseDownload
XeA Tournament v2.14 release 3.05 MB Nov 18, 2010 - 322 download XeA Tournament XeA Tournament v2.14 releaseDownload
XeA v2.10 release 3.03 MB Nov 17, 2010 - 233 download XeA Tournament XeA v2.10 releaseDownload
XeA Tournament: v2.9 release 3.03 MB Nov 17, 2010 - 184 download XeA Tournament XeA Tournament: v2.9 releaseDownload
XeA Tournament release 3.03 MB Nov 17, 2010 - 138 download XeA Tournament XeA Tournament releaseDownload
XeA Tournament release 3.03 MB Nov 17, 2010 - 128 download XeA Tournament XeA Tournament releaseDownload



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Firstly, I must state that I am Aphotic #316. Stealthsam is my WoW rogues name, I had already made a Curse account in the past.
Feel free to contact me concerning that I am truly the creator or anything about the map at any time. I'm online often and I'm friendly 😀

XeA Tournament is live on
North American Servers.

  • == Pre-Notes- ==
    • XeA Tournament is NOT a First or Third person shooter!
    • XeA Tournament is the next level in Sc2 games.
      • Sc2 has gone through a phase with terribad maps that have no real original or well working ideas. Slowly, but surely, Sc2's maps are improving. With maps like 'MAD', 'Build Your Own Maze', 'PartyCraft (early start)' and 'Powerlevel Overwhelming' (To name a few).
        XeA Tournament is (hopefully) made to join the higher standard of Sc2 Custom Maps.
  • XeA Tournament Systems and graphics- (All of which are lagless)
    • A complete WASD Movement System.
    • A perfectly clean Physics Engine, for projectiles, collision, and more.
    • A nice custom UI (Anyone who can do a better graphics design, please PM me!)
    • Nice Terrain (Could be better.)
    • Ranking System.

About XeA Tournament: When making a map on Sc2, I really wanted to make a shooter. But I didn't want to make another bad third person shooter or a first person shooter. My goal in making maps on the editor is to keep to the RTS 'Style'. I feel that it is a little dumb to make a game like Call of Duty but worse when everyone already owns Call of Duty. People play RTS custom maps because they like the RTS 'Feel'.
So my game is a Sky Camera type shooter.


  • In the game, there are two teams. The game will most likely always have team modes only, but I may add in an ffa at a later date.
    The two teams are pitted against each other in an arena randomly selected by the game. They have to play by the rules of the Tournament (Voted gameplay modes). As of now, with it's first release, there is only one mode, Search and Destroy.
    Players can choose from 4 different classes at the beginning of every round. Each kill gains a player 5 points, each win gains a player 10 points, and each successful bomb plant gains the planter an additional 5 points on top of the 10 points for winning the round. Ranking is saved for each player at the end of each round automatically. This allows you to gain ranks and show off your


Assault – The Assault Infantry is major requirement to winning a round with your team. The assault unit is the fastest shooter on the game, making him vital for taking out those quick foes as they try to juke out your teammates.

  • His skills:
    • Ingenuity – Increases fire rate of all nearby allies majorly.
      • This is very good for everyone on the team. This can make a seemingly lost battle have a crazy outcome.
    • Build Turret – The Assault Infantry places an Auto Turret with 500 health on the field.
      • 500 health is alot. That's 5 shots from a Recon Infantry (Sniper). The only efficient way of escaping this turret is to run, or have a quick Support teammate that can whip out his rocket launcher and take it down.
  • His Guns:
    • A-22 Assault Rifle – A nice gun that fires 9 bullets per pull of the trigger. It's cone-like accuracy can be good for removing threat from anything in a small area.
    • Burst-fire Mode – With the flick of a switch the Assault Rifle will release all of it's bullets in a single click with poor accuracy and small range. Anything in the way is most likely toast if they take every bullet.

Recon – The Recon Infantry has the longest range and the fastest bullet. If accurately placed, it is nearly impossible to even react to the bullet coming the enemies way. With a majorly 1 shot 1 kill aspect, the Recon is a great unit to have in the back.

  • His Skills:
    • Cloak – For a limited amount of time the Recon Infantry can be seemingly invisible. While players can still place a bullet in this unit, he can manuever around Turrets and has a high chance of not being noticed in the heat of a battle.
    • Carpet Bomb – The Infantry gives the coordinates to his fellow banshee to come in and lay waste to anything in a long line. The Carpet Bomb can be hard to use. but is a deadly advantage to anything if placed in the right spot.
  • His Guns:
    • C-10 Canister Rifle – A deadly Rifle with far range and excellent accuracy. This gun can take any player out if used by the right player.
    • Revolver – This weak, but efficient handgun is a great way to get yourself out of a hole when your Canister Rifle just isn't doing the Trick.

Support – The Support Infantry is a great unit for going in and taking the damage for the team.

  • His Skills:
    • Leadership – With an effort to push the team harder, he can make everyone move faster and have more moral, giving them that extra armor they may need in battle.
    • Blink – Simple, but effective. With the Supports Deadly "Psi Shotgun" being able to blink in and pop one shot quickly can be an instant kill.
      • This can also be used to protect your bomb carrier if he has low health and is not a Support Infantry.
  • His Guns:
    • Psi Shotgun – A beautifully-Chaotic weapon. This shotgun has a good range withe poor accuracy, but with it's large plasma ammunition, it can absorb other bullets as they fly towards their target. This weapon can ruin someones day in a heartbeat.
    • Missile Launcher – While a 1 shot 1 kill, it's too slow to fire and too slow to reload for it to be very effective against a decent player.
      • The largest use for this weapon is to take out those nasty little turrets that keep getting points for the enemy assault player.

Medic – The Medic Infantry is mostly a must have unit for the team. With his ability to fire Bio-Regenative Psi, he can really make a player be able to take a harsh beating.

  • His Skills:
    • Regeneration Shield – Every unit has slow energy regen but the Recon unit and the Medic. This will allow units to gain energy more quickly. But that's not all, this shield will also heal all the units in the bubble.
    • Healing Wave – The Medic can launch down a nice bolt of lightning healing every teammate in the circle for a large amount of health.
  • His Guns:
    • Bio-Regenative Psi – This gun can heal all allies that are shot instantly. This also puts the medic in danger though, with it's medium range.
  • Plasma Glaive – This weak weapon can become very useful in some struggles. This is the only gun that can shoot through walls and other obstacles. It may not do much damage, but it can also bounce to nearby enemies.

Game Modes:

  • Search and Destroy ( Currently the Only mode )
    • – Search and Destroy is a round based match where a bomb is at one point on the map.
    • The objective for each team is to either kill all the opposing team players or grab the bomb and plant it in the enemy base, providing extra points for the planter. The first team to have 5 more Round wins than the opposing team wins the game.
  • === Other Aspects of the Mode: ===
    • Players do not revive until the end of the round.
    • Rounds are quick and fast paced.
    • Dead players will be able to spectate their teammates.
      • Spectating a player changes you're entire UI to what they see, allowing you to see what skills they have on cooldown, how much health and energy they have, and what gun they have equipped.


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