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starcraft 2 mod Xenosteel’s Super Defenders

Xenosteel’s Super Defenders

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Total Downloads: 2,217
Updated: Sep 20, 2010
Created: Sep 17, 2010

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Xenosteel's Super Defenders v3.5 release 676.30 KB Sep 20, 2010 - 1,263 download Xenosteel’s Super Defenders Xenosteel's Super Defenders v3.5 releaseDownload
Xenosteel's Super Defenders v3.4 release 504.00 KB Sep 19, 2010 - 242 download Xenosteel’s Super Defenders Xenosteel's Super Defenders v3.4 releaseDownload
Xenosteel's Super Defenders v3.3 release 502.21 KB Sep 19, 2010 - 210 download Xenosteel’s Super Defenders Xenosteel's Super Defenders v3.3 releaseDownload
Xenosteel's Super Defenders v3.2 release 370.54 KB Sep 18, 2010 - 247 download Xenosteel’s Super Defenders Xenosteel's Super Defenders v3.2 releaseDownload
Xenosteel's Super Defenders v2.6 release 238.73 KB Sep 17, 2010 - 255 download Xenosteel’s Super Defenders Xenosteel's Super Defenders v2.6 releaseDownload



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What's Xenosteel's Super Defenders?

  • It's a Base Defense map. Build and defend against the zerg swarms.
  • Default Starcraft 2 units and buildings, but they're 4x times stronger!
  • Difficulty: Beginners to Experts
  • 1-6 Players
  • Maximum unit supply automatically adjusts to number of players. You can play solo or with friends without problems!
  • A.I Computer Players supported

Beginners will like:

  • 4x stronger units means you can really learn and test the powers of each unit in the game. Think of each unit you build as a hero!
  • There's sufficient time at the beginning to build and gather. No need to rush
  • All weapons fire 4x faster. Imagine the meat cleaving action your Ultralisk could do!!

Intermediates / Experts will like:

  • Hard mode. Enough said.
  • Leaderboards show the number of kills each player did and other statistics, and at the end of the game there's a "For bragging" screen that shows: Number of Players, Kills, Wave No, and Skipped Time.
  • Think its too easy? Then use the next wave (skip) command "-n" or "-next". Each time you do this, the remaining time of the current wave gets added to a special score "Skipped Time". Let's see which one of you can skip the most and live long enough to tell his tale!
  • You CAN skip even the first 8:00 minutes before the 1st wave. And any extra time will be added to Skipped Time 🙂
  • You can only skip if the enemy units are less than 400. So don't worry, 10 year olds online won't be able to spam "-n" and blow your PC up with 50,000 units on screen!

v3.5 is out

ALL LAG PROBLEMS FIXED! Check it out! Publish


Xenosteel's Super Defenderspublished by Xenosteel


Xenosteel's Super DefendersMoringa (trying to publish, but running into weird technical issues)

US / Others

Anyone can publish the map, I don't mind. Although I prefer if someone would kindly donate himself to the task so I could coordinate better.

To-do list

  • Fix the Easy-mode "Orig Brood Lords" bug that makes them store more than 2 broodlings.
  • Add allow skipping options menu
    • No
    • Yes: Like in v2, allows you to skip waves and adds to your "Skipped Time" score

About the Author

Hello there! I've been working on Blizzard's map editors ever since the days of Warcraft 2. Good times. I'm not nearly as great as the popular map authors who spend stellar amounts of effort and time to deliver, but I'm probably as addicted as they are. I wish I had the time to do that stuff 🙁

I hope you enjoy the map. Please post any feedback, bugs, suggestions, etc… And let me know if you enjoyed playing it. It'll encourage me to do many other maps I have in mind 🙂

Also, Starcraft 2 is the first game where I was encouraged to submit my maps to the online community. Maps for the earlier games were only played in my LAN setup.


Before Commenting

Do you hate my map?

Short story short: I don't really enjoy it myself. But, it became popular, and people wanted more. So, I kept up to their expectation and allowed them to enjoy it better. If you're still going to say "mean" things without any kind of consideration nor constructive feedback, then know that I'm too kind and too old to engage in a "mean" talk war. And know that it does hurt my feelings. There, I hope that will make you feel better.


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