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Zergling Tag

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Updated: Jul 13, 2010
Created: Jul 13, 2010

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Remember Sheep Tag from Warcraft 3? Well this is Zergling tag.

It's a game of Hide and Seek with two teams: Zerglings and Hunters


  • Must run from the Hunters
  • Can build Corrupted Supply Depots to block off hiding spots
  • Upon death, spawn as a Larva in the middle of the map
  • Can tag a Larva back into the game as a Zergling
  • Can Dash (unlocked when you tag a teammate back in)


  • Find and tag out the Zerglings
  • Has to prevent Larva from being tagged back in
  • Start out as a Marine
  • Can morph into Reaper, Hellion, or Marauder (unlocked when you kill a Zergling)
  • Reapers lay Landmines
  • Hellions can boost their speed but are bad against structures
  • Marauders can cast Rocket Flurry and are good against structures but are slow

Game ends when all Zerglings are dead or time runs out!

Its on right now. So jump on SC2 and create a lobby!


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