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Zombie Panic

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Updated: Sep 28, 2012
Created: Jul 26, 2012

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Hey there ,

i just wanted to introduce my map 'Zombie Panic' ( ye, another zombie game -_- )
to the sc2mapster community.
I was playing the DayZ Mod for Arma 2 the and so i
decided making a map with similar gameplay mechanics.

Would be cool if you vote for the next Theme >

Loading Screen


Your Survivor spawns in the middle of the map together with five other survivors.
To survive you have to search for supplies and avoid beeing seen by the zombies.
The goal of the game is to survive longer than the other survivors, no matter how!

Health System:

The health system is pretty much the same as in DayZ.
For those who don't know DayZ , there are the human needs
(Hunger , Thirst ) and your Blood which all can be recovered by Supplies (Items).
When one of these 3 Stats drop to zero you die.


– Custom Inventory (Dialog inventory) ,custom UI and custom sounds

– Zombie AI ( the radius the zombies recognize you will be calculated by the movement speed of your unit – there is a regulator for that – and the daytime )

– Randomly spawning zombies and supplies

– Top down shoot system.

– Map / Binocluars / Flashlight / etc.

– I used the miner model by Exterminatus303 (Thanks!)

– Day/Night Cyclus

– etc.

It's currently uploaded in EU

You can send me a PM if you have a map you want me to use the system on 🙂

Gl hf

PS: I am not really happy with the model of the zombies , so if anyone knows something to help me with this…


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