StarCraft 2 Zone Control Bel’Shir 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Zone Control Bel’Shir

Zone Control Bel’Shir

Game Version: -
Total Downloads: 939
Updated: Apr 21, 2011
Created: May 21, 2010

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Zone Control Bel'Shir v0.6 release 220.82 KB Apr 21, 2011 - 336 download Zone Control Bel’Shir Zone Control Bel'Shir v0.6 releaseDownload
Zone Control Bel'Shir v0.4 release 62.44 KB Aug 7, 2010 - 348 download Zone Control Bel’Shir Zone Control Bel'Shir v0.4 releaseDownload
Zone Control Bel'Shir v0.3c release 53.96 KB Aug 2, 2010 - 255 download Zone Control Bel’Shir Zone Control Bel'Shir v0.3c releaseDownload



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This is a remake of the Zone Control Icecrown from WC3.

Playing the Game:

  • Build Zone Controllers to get more units
  • Destroy units to earn minerals
  • Train or revive your hero at a Zone Controller
  • Regenerate your hero at the zones in the corners of the map
  • Press F2 to select your hero
  • Press F3 to select idle non-worker units
  • Press F4 to toggle
  • Destroy all enemy buildings to win the game

Thanks to epiphany for giving feedback.
If you find bugs or have suggestions to improve the game, please send an e-mail to
Every incorporated suggestion will be given credit. Please also mention your nickname (or what you want to be called in the credits).


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