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starcraft 2 mod zrbecker Heigan The Unclean

zrbecker Heigan The Unclean

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Updated: Jun 19, 2010
Created: Jun 19, 2010

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I decided to implement this encounter to learn about the starcraft 2 editor. It is not complete but summer classes are starting up and I was planning on having it done tonight, so I am uploading it now.

Eruptions are implemented
Decrepit Fever is implemented (Does damage over time and reduces max hp of allies around you by 50%)
Plague Cloud is implemented but has not graphics associated with it yet.
Spell Disruption is not implemented.

The encounter also has a custom threat system. Although the only ability that generates extra threat is the tanks aoe taunt. The is the EMP explosion that is above the giant zealots head. Everything else is 1 threat for 1 damage. No healing threat right now.

The threat system is implemented separate from the AI and Encounter triggers, so it is very reusable. The AI is somewhat reusable. I don't think custom events are available, but once they are the AI should be easy to make independent of the encounter. It probably already is but I got lazy.


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