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Updated: Aug 26, 2010
Created: Aug 26, 2010

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This map is my remake of a BW map used in the recent seasons of proleague. It is a 4 player map that supports 1v1, FFA and 2v2(top vs bottom) matches. The map is made in the PortZion texture set. Most of the terrain is perfectly symetrical.

Each main has an inbase expansion blocked by destructible rocks and another expansion down the ramp. There are also 2 gold and 2 island expansions between the bases.

Two Xel'Naga towers give view over the middle but they're pretty much useless if players dont spawn crosspositions.

The map is rich in doodads(like huge rocks) and has a polished texture mix. I have also added 2 pandabearguys and destructible mengsk statue in the middle .

There are courtains around the middle area and in each main.

The map is up on EU and Id appreciate if somebody could publish it on Asia&US.

I hope you'll enjoy the map!


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