StarCraft 2 Alex assets 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Alex assets

Alex assets

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Total Downloads: 1,843
Updated: Jul 16, 2012
Created: Jul 4, 2012

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ability pack alax release 229.04 KB Jul 16, 2012 - 1,271 download Alex assets ability pack alax releaseDownload
unit icon pack release 161.07 KB Jul 4, 2012 - 572 download Alex assets unit icon pack releaseDownload



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this is alex 06 icons he post this long time ago

because i dont know how he must make it into dds i have done it

i have also add some of my art
unit pack Alex, Soulhunter, Bw carrier, shuttle, Shuriken, valkery, dragoon, Defiler, arbiter, Guardian, Swarmguardian, Hunterling, Scarab, Alpha Reaver,Predator,Predator figermode (not the sybercat but the plane), Bw arbiter, Star relic, Corsair, Voidstar, Tageting drone, Swarmhost, Nomad, Null circuit Phase cannon, an other Guardian, Corruptor, mega carrier, statis orb, Hoover vindicator, Leviathan, Oracle, Tempest, Firebad, Spectre, Carrier old, Be queen, Citadel of Adum

unit pack rikky Spartan, Firegate

the best it its the unit pack is hand makes (most of them) so its extra nice done
ability % upgrade

pack alax: sight of adum , nomad, nanorepair, medic optical flare, phase cannon phase mode, gate lower, obelisk arguslink,  laser red – blue voidspheres, zeratul void prison, high templar phase shift, mothership tempotal rifit, stalker blink new, mothership planet creaker, star relic boost on – off, what of adum, sentry Khaydarin Talisman, marine U238, Phoenix overload, battle cruiser missile pods, forge weapon upgrade (old), helion twin firetrowers, goliath multi-lock target systeem, rocket, vgoliath, areal class, spectre, psionic lasch, wraith ripfield, banshee black lash, raynor chrono rifit, spectre ultrasonic pulse, diamond back fire on the move, tosh mindblast, medivac advance med tech, tosh cosump, wraith tomahawk power cells
permiment cloack series, zeratul, ghost, banshee, spectre, toch, nova

rikky vindicator speed, nexus quickdraw, battle cruiser Plasma torpedo's


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