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Barrowfen Marsh

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Updated: Apr 20, 2014
Created: Apr 19, 2014

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My third map created for SC2. Desiring to create a more natural and 'untainted' environment, I decided to create a strange, alien and forboding rain-slick Swamp.

Designed in honor and appreciation of one of the most favorite environments in any game I've ever played (Zangarmarsh, from WoW), the Barrowfen Marsh is a harrowing endless Swamp where the constant undulating rainfall and choir of the Fen Stalkers may be your only companion before the deep waters claim you.

* 4 Player Map

  • Primarily designed for a 2v2 Battle fought over and through the central dividing mountain pass
  • Island expansions to the south and an alternative mountain pass provide a longer but alternative route
  • Beware of enemies approaching by air through the fog and rain, bypassing the environmental cliff barriers and mountains

Barrowfen Marsh - Whole Map

With your initial position secure over cliffs and located far from the enemy, the battle is decided over the central choke-point between the impassable mountain and chasm that divides the map in two. Be wary that through the fog and rain, aerial units may slip by your defences or drop units right behind your lines – if not for the enemy possibly taking the secondary longer ground route through the Protoss ruins far to the south edge.

Far from the fray, two island expansions are found in the form of grand, yet forgotten Protoss Temples. The seemingly soft beauty of the bioluminescent fungi and alien wild life belies its danger, with many unsuspecting expeditionary Terrans lost to deep waters, sudden landslides, voracious predators lurking in the deep fog or gone without a whisper amidst waterlogged, sunken Protoss ruins.

Barrowfen Marsh - Environment 1

The Map Itself!


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