StarCraft 2 Battlewake®: Shattergrove (offline play ) 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Battlewake®: Shattergrove (offline play )

Battlewake®: Shattergrove (offline play )

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Total Downloads: 2,053
Updated: Nov 4, 2010
Created: Nov 4, 2010

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Battlewake: Shattergrove release 1.18 MB Nov 4, 2010 - 2,055 download Battlewake®: Shattergrove (offline play ) Battlewake: Shattergrove releaseDownload



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The Battlewake Collectives is a collection of highly detailed maps that aims to expand new terrain scenarios for you single-offline players out there
This map is for single player off-line play and pits you in a 2 on 2 random race battle with an AI ally against 2 random AI opponents (very hard/insane) difficulties. maps are fairly balanced with 2 different mirrored handicapped starting positions. (opposite positions are fairly balanced).

Feel free to drop in your comments/critics that could help me adjust the maps or if you want more Battlewake Maps posted, please give me a heads-up, if I get enough requests I may then add in more maps for you to enjoy.

By the way Shattergrove is actually the latest update to my earlier map title Rivengard (if you played it, try this latest update to the map)

TO PLAY THE GAME: double click the file to open map editor and click on the map test button (run map)

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Have Fun!


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