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Bounty Hunters

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Total Downloads: 768
Updated: Sep 9, 2012
Created: Aug 13, 2010

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Bounty Hunters 5.58 release 4.96 MB Sep 9, 2012 - 768 download Bounty Hunters Bounty Hunters 5.58 releaseDownload



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Wandering in different locations, as a Bounty Hunter you'll have to survive to the others. You have one unit, no auto-attack and some special abilities.

Use your abilities subtly to trap, hunt and kill your enemies!
A skillful and challenging map, which hilarious while playing with friends on microphone!

Greed mode
Carrying items gives you 1 point per second and per item. You win if you reach the right amount of points… for this, you have to survive against other players and you can't hide !
This original mode is based on simple idea : The enemy of your enemy is your friend.
Once someone carry an item, you have to cooperate with your enemies to take him down… but when he drop the item after death… your "friends" are no longer friends and you'll have to fight them to pick up the treasure.

Deathmatch mode

No items, only kills. First to reach the right amount of kills win the map.

Team Deathmatch mode

Deathmatch mode in team.

Sudden Death mode

Deathmatch mode for pros. No repulse, no temporal rift, 100 HP max.

List of Skills

19 unique maps (arenas)

(16 in trailer)

Unlimited fun

Auto-remake option available (mode and map selection) as a public vote.


More than 300 memorable kill and death quotes!

Ingame footages


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