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starcraft 2 mod Brood mother

Brood mother

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Total Downloads: 539
Updated: Mar 1, 2013
Created: Feb 24, 2013

Earlier Versions

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Brood mother 01 - Egg Thief (BETA) beta 1.25 MB Mar 1, 2013 - 539 download Brood mother Brood mother 01 - Egg Thief (BETA) betaDownload



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Follow Az'Khar, a Zerg Brood mother, as she attempts to flee Char and rebuild her Brood.

Brood mother 01 – Egg Thief is currently in beta. No storyline yet but the egg collection/AI attack waves are setup. Please give it a go and tell me what you think! Is it fun? Is it confusing? Did you find any bugs? Anything really.

Feedback and constructive criticism is gratefully received.

Mar 01 21:20 – new version

Added defences & units for player base.

Removed defences and units from hatcheries

Hatchery mobs rebuild

Added pings and events for AI egg collection

Lots of bug fixes for triggers involving egg collection

Changed Leviathan embryos to use Lurker Cocoon model



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