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Char Valley Revised

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Updated: Jan 4, 2013
Created: Jan 3, 2013

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Well, I'm back guys, and this time I've made a few tweaks to Char Valley, a map that I consider my first 'project'.

This map is based off of Agria Valley, but heavily modified. The spawn points are the same, and I made a modification to the Vespene Geysers and the Mineral Fields so they don't run out. If they do, either you love to mine, or you have an ungodly amount of workers. It's been months since I have worked on this map, so there are bound to be bugs and missing objects from here to Kingdom Come.



The Battlecruiser uses the Hyperion model from the cutscenes (credit for the model goes to UltiDrgn)

Firebat uses the Merc model

You can train both Ghosts AND Spectres, as well as Firebats and Medics.

You can also train the Hercules drop ship and Wraith fighter from the Starport.

Thor… Thor is most definitely here. It uses the Odin model. It didn't really look as imposing as I thought with the regular Thor model.

Speaking of Factory units, you can also train Vultures, Predators, Goliaths and Diamondbacks if they appeal to you.

-Zerg- (Here's where it may run into a few problems)

Increased the size of the Hydralisk. Did some comparisons. During the Mengsk's Betrayal cutscene, the Hydralisk towered over poor Kerrigan.

The Hydralisk no longer fires needles. He (or she) fires the green spit effect like it had in Starcraft 1 and Brood War.

Turned the Brood Lord into the Guardian, it uses a ground only acid attack, and it morphs from Mutalisk.

Hydralisk Den was suposed to cost 150 minerals, but for some reason, it will only take 50 minerals and 50 gas, so if you can help with correcting that, I would appreciate it.

Banelings have been removed. As much as I love Kurt and Husky's song, the addition of the units I have added have no room for suicide bombers.
Infested Marines can be trained in the Infestation Pit, and Infestors are now removed.

Evolve Muscular Augments has been added in the Hydralisk Den, but you need to click it only once.


Probes can repair mechanical units.

Took out the Dragoons I had, put Immortals back and added the Reaver (I completely forgot who the model belonged to, I apologize.) I plan on readding them in a later revision once I get feedback.

The Carrier uses Selendis' actor and Carrier model.

Zealots, Marines and Hydralisks take the same amount of time to build.

Can train scout at the Stargate.

Observers have been taken out.

If there are any mistakes, mix-ups or bugs, let me know and and I will jump right on it.


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