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starcraft 2 mod Desperate Assault!

Desperate Assault!

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Updated: Sep 5, 2010
Created: Sep 5, 2010

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Warning i got dysleksia so it might be some typing errors!
It's also my first time using galaxy editor so i dont know all the funcions yet

The basic idea for this map is i wanted to try and combinate "imposseble senario" and "assault type maps" meaning the objektive is to kill something in the end but you got limited units to do it, the story is something along the lines of 6 players(tribes / nations) have allied to stop the New Overmind before it is complited, for if that happens the Overmind will use its new abilety to mind controll the whole galaxy, they wont get ennymore renforcement sins they to far to be help in time. they will meet resistance from both Terran, Zerg, Protoss and few suprises+ that is already mind controled by the New Overmind.

this is beta version so might be some unbalansed but one thing is for sure you cant win with just attacking they got aloth more army than you do iven with the 6 players, but some plases might be to hard ore to easy i dont know yet send me feedback on my email: so i can add few more units here and few units there to make it more smothe ore make it harder easier depend on what i self feal it need and what you gys feal for the diffeculty

if you want to make a remake/clone of this map aleast show that you taken the idea from me

i am planing to make some prequels of this map later by showing how they found outh abouth the new overmind ore something when i have disided closer on the detail, if someone want to do it feal free can always jsut say its and alternetive universe on how they found outh


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